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QR code for Target Shooting Practice(amazon.com)
QR code for Target Shooting Practice
Full version - (amazon.com)

QR code for Target Shooting Practice - free(amazon.com)
QR code for Target Shooting Practice
Free version - (amazon.com)

Full Version - Google Play Store

Free Version - Google Play Store

Full Version - Amazon Appstore

Free Version - Amazon Appstore

Splash Screen
Splash Screen
Random Conditions
Random Conditions
There are 2 versions of our Target Shooting Practice application - Paid and Free.
They are available at the Google Play Store or Amazon's Appstore for Android. Use the links on the right to explore the apps.

Take the Tutorial for an in-depth look at the features.

This application was originally designed for the casual target shooter in mind, in which he/she could get help deciphering the current conditions which effect bullet performance. A simple game, Shooting Gallery, has been added.

The free version has some of the useful functions disabled, such as background choice, choice of metric or standard units, 10-shot group, wider selection of reticles and targets and in the Shooting Gallery Mode, more levels.

There are 3 different modes for this application:
1 - Manual Input
2 - Random Conditions
3 - Shooting Gallery

Manual Input
Choose this mode and you can manually enter distances to targets, sight-in range, zero range, their respective velocities, sight height above bore, wind speed and direction, and a choice to include an average group size.

Random Condition
Choose this mode and a random condition will be generated for you. A unique wind speed, direction, bullet velocities, average group size, target distance, sight-in distance, and target, sight-in and muzzle velocities.

Shooting Gallery
Shooting Gallery
Shooting Gallery
Choose this mode and you will be taken to a choice of firearm type(Handgun or Rifle), choice of Standard(US) or Metric units, and sight style(Open Sights or Crosshairs).
Tap 'BEGIN' and the Shooting Gallery opens. Tap 'START' and the wind will start varying in speed and direction, a countdown from 10 to 0 will begin, and targets will appear varying in position from 25 to 100 yards or meters.
Tap 'SHOOT' to fire a shot at the target. Keep in mind you will need to allow for wind and distance, especially if you chose a slower or less powerful firearm.

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